January 17, 2019
There is no question that Kathy Petrino loves to write about her extensive travels. For one thing, she is generous. She wants to see as many great places as possible in her lifetime, but she also wants to share her experiences in a way that makes others want to see the same things. Kathy also would like for those who read her blog to make fewer of the missteps she has made on the same trips. She wants others to have as good a time as she had, if not better. That is the primary reason Kathy Petrino writes about every aspect of her trips; she wants others to have as much fun as she.

One of Kathy Petrino’s favorite destinations is Florida’s Emerald Coast, which is the state’s northern Gulf Coast. For many years, the region was called the “Redneck Riviera,” but more recently a number of savvy investors have been making a great show of revitalizing the area with new hotels and condo buildings, including the first-ever five-star resort, called Henderson Beach Resort. So many investments are being made that the town of Seaside has been transformed into one of the most beautiful and eco-friendly towns in Florida.